23 December 2008

Spree #12 - ARRIVED!

good news!
Our items have arrived!!~YAY!
well, i've just reached home from work. yeah.. its 2.15am right now. tired of my staggered shift. anyway, MR UPS arrived at my door step just 15mins before i leave for work. haha.. wished he had come earlier so that i can try to sort out the items first.

I'm going to sort them out shortly and will dispatch out the items today. Hopefully it can reach u guys by christmas? No promises ah... must ask santa claus.

Here's my timings for meet up:

Tues: AMK 2.15pm

Changi airport 3.30pm-11.45pm

Wed: AMK 1.15pm
Changi airport 2.30pm-11.30pm

Thu: Bukit Batok 12pm-1pm

Fri: TBA

Sat: Changi airport 9am-1.30pm
Afternoon - TBA

Sun: 9am - 2.30pm changi airport
afternoon - TBA

Will email you guys shortly on the time slots. Please advise which slots you are available?

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