01 December 2008

spree #11 updates - still waiting...

hi all,

our orders have not arrived my house yet. i think most probably it'll arrive later today (pls note now of the time now is 0030) meanwhile, i shall tentively let u know the meet up schedules first.

Mon 01DEC - AMK Hub 6.30pm ( provided the items come before 5pm )

Tues 02DEC - AMK Hub 2.00pm
Changi Airport (3.30pm onwards)

Wed 03DEC - AMK Hub 2.00pm
Changi Airport (3.30pm onwards)

Thu 04DEC - AMK Hub 1.00pm
Changi Airport (2.30pm onwards)

Fri 05DEC - AMK Hub (2pm - 6pm)

SAT & Sun - To be advised as i need to double check my schedule.

Can't wait to receive my new items! hehe.. good night!

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