01 December 2008

Spree #11 - Arrived + headtoebeauty review

Hi everyone!

Our orders have just arrived my door step at around 9pm... duhz!!! i've been waiting patiently the wholeeee day and hoping it will arrive in the afternoon but it didnt... argh..Nevertheless, i've just finished packing and sorting out the items. yay!! i've just found out a new way to sort them out which is so much faster than the way before. One thing about head2toebeauty, they never write down for you what are the colors inside on the box which 8ty8beauty did. Imagine i have to take out all the bottles and one by one look at the backside "hmm..let me guess what color r u.." Sorry i not so PRO that by one look, i know what is the color code. haha.. So last time its very time consuming to sort out the orders to see it belongs to who. Never mind, i already found out another way. Dont know if i've become smarter or all the long i'm stupid! LOL

Well, very pleased with head2toebeauty order. 100% accurate and very well packed. No damages, no missing orders. The only problem is, i dont know what Toyland is still not officially out for sale? Anyway, for the past 2 sprees..we managed to get the Toyland collection even though its not shown online.

For those who've opted for postage, your items will be posted out tomorrow.
For those who've opted for meet up, i'll be emailing you shortly on the schedules. Please check your email (including BULK/SPAM folder) and advise which slots is ok with you. Pardon me if my schedule is abit odd/inconvenient coz i'm currently stationed at the airport and my shift is very staggered. I got no choice~ Please bear with me for the time being. I'll report back to orchard in january =)

*Pssst, Spree-ers #11, there's a surprise for you =)

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