24 November 2008

Spree #11 is now closed

Spree #11 is now closed!

i'm currently in the midst of ordering and notice price has increased for some of the items:

Color Club Nail polish:
from US$1.99 to US$2.50

spree price adjustment:
from SGD$7.00 to SGD$7.80

Misa Nail polish:
from US$2.75 to US$3.00

spree price adjustment:
from SGD$8.20 to SGD$8.60

****I've emailed to those who've order the above brands for spree #11.

Please kindly respond by 24Nov Mon 1pm as to whether you want to go ahead with the order and top up the additional OR cancel and refund the order.

If no reply receive, i'll take it as go ahead with the order. Your item will be put on hold till i've received the top up.

Thanks for your understanding =)

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