07 November 2008

Spree #10 updates - On the way!~

Hi all~

our orders are on the way! So fast isn't it? haha.. Coz i've bombarded their email... Well, there's also a reason behind it also. As mentioned in my earlier post, i will be away from tomorrow 8Nov till 12Nov (wed). I'm going on a cruise and i'll not have any internet access. That's why i keep pestering them to expedite my order so i can enjoy my holiday in peace! I want to get everything settled. My estimate, maybe it will arrive next wed? Nicely coincide with my return... I hope i'll be there to receive the items!

Good news for those who pre-ordered Toyland Collection. haha.. WE GOT IT!!! yay~~~

There are some items out of stock:
  1. OP-940031 - OPI top coat
  2. op-nlf15 -you don’t know jacques
  3. op-nlf17 - bastille my heart
  4. op-nlw42 -lincoln park after dark

Those who've ordered the above items, i'll email you regarding the refund after i've return. Sorry, coz i'm in a hurry and i dont have time to send out the emails.

Will Update you guys again after i've return from my holiday. Stay tuned!

I'm going on a holiday.

NO Updates from 8NOV - 12NOV.

But it's on its way to singapore!

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