14 November 2008

Spree #10 head2toebeauty review + pictures + product review

Hi everyone!

Just to share some of the pictures and reviews from head2toebeauty as well as some of the items that i've purchased and tried so far.

They gave me one free OPI teddy bear. haha.. Quite cute. Compared to 8ty8beauty, they are not as generous in terms of freebies. As you can see, the items are all very well packed and wrapped. I dont have to scare that the nail polish may break unlike 8ty8beauty (received broken nail polish few times).

Well, thumbs up for Head2ToeBeauty! They expedited my orders after being bombarded by my chaser mails everyday. haha.. Not trying to be mean, but hey, we want them quick! shhh... dont expose my trick =X

Yesterday i've tried some of the products while watching TV. You guys must really watch 'I survived A Japanese Game Show' haha... HAI, Majide! so funny~ Anyway, youtube also have.

Here's the reviews and items i've tried~

Item: Orly Nail Whitener US$2.95 (1 double packet) SGD8.00 (spree price/ comes in 2 packets as seen in the picture. They dont sell individually)

Description: Whiten yellow nails with this effervescent treatment. Nail Whitener gently soaks away unsightly stains on both fingernails and toenails.

Review: I used one packet for my finger nails. When i pour the powder into the water, the water turned white and with the zzzzz sound (like the ENO drink) so while its dissolving, i dip my nails into the water and move around for about 10mins (instruction says 5mins). lol... anyway, i cant really tell obvious results coz my nails are still yellowish. It does look a LITTLE better. Perhaps have to use a few times before seeing good results.

Item: Nail Tek 7 Days to Beautiful Hands Salon Service Set US$16.99 /SGD$45.00 (spree price)

Description: Professional Spa TreatmentFormulated to make your hands visibly younger and noticeably softer in just one week. This innovative program starts with a revolutionary salon treatment that achieves immediate results you can see and feel. Daily therapy continues at home with a special hydrating crème that restores and revitalizes skin while providing effective long-lasting protection. Contains over 20 hand treatments.

Kit includes:

1 - Advanced Hydrating Creme 3 oz

1 -Absorption-Enhancing Masque 3 oz

Review: This item is very cool! I'm so looking forward to try this and see if its as good as it says. Yesterday is my first application. Have to apply the hydrating creme first. This is not really a moisturiser. Coz it says, you just have to wash your hands to wet your hands to recharge the moisture. It's like a layer of protective creme on your hands.

After applying the creme, i've to put the masque over the creme. The masque is very sticky and thick. It somehow dry quickly before i finish applying both of my hands. Or maybe i did not apply enough creme to hold on the masque? Will try again today. But my hands did feel smooth after peeling off the masque.

i've searched online and read from a forumer that she brought the nailtek set at $75 and polish diva salon is charging $35 per session for this treatment. I think can use for feet also? Coz polish diva salon is charging $45 for foot. i assume they are using the same product for foot. So considering the price, i think it's quite worth it to buy online in my opinion.

Item: EzFlow Pro Shine Buffer US$2.45 / SGD$5.50 (spree price)

Description: Designed to create the most brilliant shine in 2 easy steps. Great for manicures or pedicures as well as on any artificial surface like acrylics, gels, polish, fiberglass and silk wraps.

Review: This buffer is a MUST HAVE! It really makes my nails SHINE! You dont have to buff so many times also. First you buff your nails with the gray side to even out the surface. After that, (the best part!) use the white side and swipe a few times and your nails look so silky shine! I was like WOW... It really makes your nails look very healthy the way it shine. You dont really need alot of time to do this. Just 10 mins and you are on your way to beautiful nails! Btw, i just happen to saw one of the local website selling this at SGD$17.90?! I'm sooo loving sprees~~~ I think for a price of $5.50 you can just get a normal buffer in retails but here you are getting a PRO buffer.

If you would like to order any of the above items, feel free to join my spree! Spree #11 is now open for orders!

Do check out the christmas promotion too!

Hurry and don't missed this spree! Have pretty nails for this festive season that people will just WOW!!

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  1. Actually 8ty8beauty also give out freebies. They gave me a very kawaii pink piglet.


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