29 October 2008

Spree #9 updates

i've confirmed with UPS and they say my items will confirm arrive tomorrw but i'm not sure what time. Luckily i'm off. hehe.. So i shall wait patiently at home for our new arrivals!

For those who opt for meet up, i will be contacting you shortly. Meanwhile if you are reading this, here's my schedule for meet up. Do let me know which slots you are available so i can arrange. hee

Fri 31Oct
0900-6.15pm: Orchard Paragon
7.15pm - 9pm Bukit Batok

Sat 01Nov
0830-6pm: Orchard paragon
8pm - 10pm: Bukit Batok

Sun 02Nov
0930-5pm: Orchard paragon
5.45-7pm: AMK

Mon 03Nov
0930-6pm: Orchard paragon
6.50 - 7pm: AMK

Tues 04Nov
1pm-7pm: AMK

*Pls email me on the slots you are available to collect.


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