27 October 2008

Spree #9 updates

Hi ladies,

thank you for your patience =)

the items will definitely arrive this week. When i give them the green light to proceed it happened to be sat and they do not ship on weekends! haiz... They reply that they will process and ship the items on monday which is today! hehe.. but due to time difference, i'm not sure if it has not leave their office yet. I've not received the tracking information too. Should be able to see them by tomorrow.

Kinda disspointing that Toyland collection is still not available for sale yet~~ sigh.. Now their reply was " We should have the OPI Toyland sometime next week. " (dated on 25oct) Which means they might have Toyland collection this week?? hmm... the week before they say last week, den last week say next week... *Duhzz* Anyway, they'll definitely put it up for sale its just a matter of time.

i've sent out emails for those whose item are out of stock or pre-ordered toyland.
Pls check your email (even your Spam/bulk mail).
The affected spree-ers are:
  • michelle kwang
  • shi hui
  • jolene yeo
  • xerene
  • lina lee
  • Nely
  • Gigi
  • jean low
***Kindly respond to my email on the options and alternatives given. ***

As mentioned in my earlier post on the price revision. I'm still monitoring the rates as the USD are getting stronger day by day. It has went up to about 10% compared to few months ago =(

So i'll most probably be increasing the price by 10% or so. Hope you guys can understand my situation =)

Will give the final price when the next spree opens. Probably on next week~

Thanks =D

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