25 October 2008

spree #9 updates

i've placed orders on the same day when the spree closes. Currently i'm in a midst of liasing with head2toebeauty regarding the order as some of the items are out of stocks (although website shows as available).

As for the Toyland Collection, unfortunately it have not arrive H2T =(

They say maybe next week then arrive... hai... For those who've pre-ordered, i'll contact you shortly. Well, here's 2 options for you if you are reading this:

a) Refund
b) Order on the next spree (which will commence early nov)

Do note that i'm going to revise the prices soon due to the strengthening of USD.

So for those who opt for (b), i will retain the same price SGD$10 without having you to top up =)

Besides, those whose items are out of stock, i'll email you shortly after i've consolidated the list.

Thank you for your patience gals!

Btw, this time round i've opted for UPS worldwide saver instead of USPS express mail international since they give me the option and prices are about the same. hehe... At least the delivery date is 3days guaranteed. so now we shall wait for them to dispatch the items out~ =D

can't wait to try the new colors~

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