15 October 2008

Spree #9 updates 36/50 filled + Toyland collection pre-order

Current status 36/50 slots taken up!

last 14 slots left!

There are quite a few spree-ers who are interested in getting the new collection (OPI holiday in Toyland). However H2T does not have the stocks yet. Their reply is "Hopefully by next week". However they cant give a definate date and suggest to visit their site regularly to check. I may consider extending the spree till next tues 21OCT hope we can manage to order.

Ladies, i would like to hear your views.(pls voice out on the 2nd tagboard on the right)

Shall i extend the spree till 21oct? (coz i'm think we are able to end the spree earlier as we are quite close to the target) IT will probably be just 2-3days extension. Any objections from the spree-ers who are on spree #9? If you would like to TRY your luck, you may also add in your orders for the Toyland collection. (pls include the payment as well. This is to facilitate the spree and reduce delays). In the event its available before spree closes, i'll include your orders in. IF NOT, i'll refund the amount back to you.

For those interested in pre-ordering Toyland collection pls email me your orders to together with the payment and your account details in case of refund. (If you are not comfortable taking the risk or hassel, i would suggest you to wait for next spree when the stocks are available for sale)

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