31 October 2008

Spree #9 - Items posted

hi ladies,
i've posted out the items today afternoon. I've actually carried 2 big bags of nail polish (around 60 bottles?) all the way to my office. So heavy~ haha.. not that i'm complaining but some of the things that build up which really makes me wonder if its worth the effort doing these? hah!

Being a spree organiser is really really not easy. Life is full of choices. I can choose to take it slow or choose to be fast and efficient. I can choose to be service oriented or choose to be nasty. Of coz i choose the good ones. However, sometimes people just take it for granted. Hey, i'm just a spree organiser not a merchant.
Well,i had a very bad day today which makes me so angry! Anyway i'm going to blacklist her from joining my spree. i'm suppose to meet her today and pass her the nail polish which was purchased in aug. till date she has not collected it and not willing pay the postage and opt for post. (fyi, it's 3 bottles only. i've made exception to meet up as initially she ordered more than 5 but many were OOS) When i arrived and sms her, she replied about 5-10mins later and told me she's still in the office and cant meet me and will opt for postage then. Just to let u know, i've tried to arrange meet up many times but the timing and location just cant make it. The location that we r meeting today is not one of the location that i've mentioned in my T&C. i'm compromising by meeting at a more centralize location that both are agreeable. Cmon, dont tell me that you cant inform me earlier that you cant make it? I'm sure that at least 15mins before you should know or forsee whether u can meet me or not since u need to travel there too?! Not when i reach the place on time and after msg u then u tell me u r still in office. That really pisses me off! I rushed all the way down after work and travelled to somewhere that i'm not heading (have to backtrack). Have the basic courtesy to inform me.

Dear ladies, dont misunderstood me that i hate people who are late or what. If you are going to be late, pls inform in advance or slightly late last min, i can understand. But not by "sabo or dua" me. too much! i will not tolerate such behaviour.
Sorry for my lengthy complaints but i feel so much better after letting go my emotions.

*** Steff Wong, YOU ARE BANNED! ***

If any of you have any comments or feedback, pls feel free to comment =)


  1. It's a pity that this happened and i think that you did mention to me that you're gonna meet this person.

    Sometimes people do take it for granted. Chill. =)

  2. Poor gals... should ban her earlier!! You r the best service of spree organiser I met... Greatly appreciate (",)

  3. thanks for your compliment anonymous =) it has definitely motivated me.hehe.. at least there are people who appreciates. LOL

  4. michelle, yeah.. this kind of people is too much! anyway i'm ok already now... i'm those kind of person who will get very angry for awhile and the next day almost forget about it liao.. haha.. PEACE!


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