31 October 2008

Spree #9 - Items arrived!!

Hi all~

finally the items arrived
at my doorstep around 8.30pm and i was like waiting at home the wholeday? duhz!! i keep calling UPS to expedite but it seems like they've identified my address as residential so its scheduled to dispatch after 7pm... haiz.. no choice. I was very very busy sorting out and wrapping and packing the orders for you guys. It took me 3hrs+ to finish them all...(no kidding man... there are abt 70+ colors mixed and i have to look one by one and see whose color is it) Well, i could have split them up and take my time but i think all of u are very eager to receive your new colors. So i sacrifice abit..haha.. quickly wrap them up and i'm gg to post them tomorrow. i still gotta work tml =(

will post up the pictures soon. For those who are meeting me, cya soon~ IF you have opt for meet up and have not responded to me, pls check your spam/bulk mail as i've already sent you an email on my schedule yesterday =)

If you've opt for postage, i'll be sending them out tomorrow. do check your mailbox =) heee

Going to clear up the mess in my living room and gg to sleep liao.. night!

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