07 October 2008

Spree #8 Arrived!! + Review

Good news ladies~

Our orders have arrived my doorsteps this afternoon. hehe.. lucky i'm at home (coz i'm on mc) if not gotta arrange redelivery again. I've just sorted out the items and now i'm going to wrap them (for those who've opted for postage). I'll post them out tomorrow so keep a look out in your mailbox~

For those who've opted for meet up, i'll contact you shortly on the meet up timings and location =)

Here's my review for Head2toebeauty:

I'm a very satisfied and happy customer of Head2toebeauty now. This is my first time ordering from them and all my orders came 100% correct. They are all very well packed and arranged. No missing items, no breakages. The only flaw with head2toebeauty is that after i've sent my orders (via their website shopping cart), it took them quite sometime to reply. I've waited for about 3 days before i send an urgent reminder email to them and they responded on the same day! haha.. i should have emailed them earlier then..

Anyway, i can understand also.. maybe they are busy with many orders (business too good?). that's why i am prepared with a few days grace for their response. Btw, they give me a free pink bag! hehe..

Head2toebeauty VS 8ty8beauty

i'll defenitely purchase from head2toebeauty again although the prices are slightly higher. My past orders with 8ty8beauty always had problems such as missing orders, broken items, wrong item..etc

Besides, the variety of products are also better than 8ty8beauty in my opinion.

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