25 September 2008

Spree #8 - Last 7 slots left! + Ardell Lash spree

Don't missed this opportunity to grab your favourite nail polish!

Last 7 slots left!!

pls click this link for more details regarding this spree

Good news!

i've received a few enquiry if they can purchase Ardell false lashes that's sold in head2toebeauty. I've decided to take in orders for that as well since i'm ordering from them. There's lots of raves about Ardell lashes. I've never tried before though. i'm gonna buy some to try..hehe..

For those who are interested, pls send in your orders quickly as i'm closing my spree real soon.

Here's the price:

Lashes priced @ USD2.55 - SGD6.00 (include shipping charges)
Lashes priced @ USD2.95 - SGD6.50 (include shipping charges)

for local postage fees (plainly for those to order lashes only / if u r ordering nail polish as well, pls email me for postage fees)

1-3 boxes of lash - $1.50
4-7 boxes - $2.50
8 - 12 boxes - $4.00

registered postage: additional $2.24

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