24 September 2008

spree #7 reviews -

For those who've opted for postage, i've already posted all of them =)

Do keep a lookout in your mailbox and hope you like it~ hehe..

Here's my review for 8ty8beauty:

Unfortunately 1 bottle broke again and coincidentally it's D01 - Lincoln park at midnight again!! ( if u read my post sometime back, the same color broke) Well, not sure if its the manufacturing problem for this batch of color? It looks like it burst or exploded. sigh... anyway, i've to clear up the mess again. Ya, its a very dark color and some of the bottles kena the color externally. i gotta use the remover to clean them one by one.

Anyway, Tom gave me some freebies this round.

OPI Swiss guard antiseptic handwash gel 30ml x 2
OPI foot seperator x 2
OPI la collection de france catalogue x 2

Anyway, it's time to give head2toebeauty a try now. i'm always keeping a lookout for good suppliers. hehe.. For those who are interested in joining my spree, now spree #8 is open for orders! Hurry, limited slots left~ Don't missed this opportunity ladies =)

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