18 September 2008

Japanese Nail Art pics - Kawaii !!

wow pretty nail0004
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Hi all,

finally!!! i've actually scanned these pictures directly from the japanese magazine where i buy from Japan. (which was like so many months ago?) haha.. i just dont have the time to scan those pics and here u go gals! Pretty Pretty cute japanese nail art pictures where you just cant stop admiring. i want those nails!!~~ sooo nice and beautiful. it's not easy to achieve that by DIY unless you are professionally trained. haha.. so pls dont ask me how.. coz i'm not trained =(

pls feel free to browse through the album as there are quite many pictures for viewing. There are some which teaches u how to achieve those designs by DIY! check it out ladies~

wow pretty nail0003

wow pretty nail0002

wow pretty nail0011


  1. Love all of the designs! Thx for scanning this!

  2. hey do you know where i could buy these? would appreciate, any reliable online sites you could recommend? thanks :)


    lol excuse my rather daunting email addy

  3. Buy single sets on eBay. Or if you are a diy'r you can buy full cover nails with glue at most dollar stores. You can also buy craft rhinestones and other small gems at dollar store or craft store. Just use nail glue or clear polish to make gems stick to fake nails


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