04 August 2008

Top 20 OPI popular orders

Hi everyone~

i've consolidated the TOP 20 OPI colors that people ordered from my spree. Perhaps you can use this as a reference and see what is the all time favourites or current trend! The top 20 orders are from my sprees #1 to #5 for a total of 465 bottles.

~*~ Estella's Spree Top 20 OPI popular orders! As of 01aug08 ~*~
Rank OPI Code
Previous rank
1st OPI R62 St. Petersburgundy 2nd
2nd OPI H26 Make men blush 10th
3rd OPI D01 Lincoln Park at Midnight 1st
4th OPI R61 Kreme De Kremlin 8th
5th OPI R60 suzi says Da 4th
6th OPI R51 Boris & Natasha 6th
7th OPI I43 Black Cheery Chutney 5th
8th OPI A34 Quarter Of A Cent-Cherry 3rd
9th OPI H19 Passion -
10th OP-NLR59 Midnight In Moscow -
11th OP-NLW42 Lincoln Park After Dark 9th
12th OPI H31 Kiss on the chic -
13th OPI B64 I Only Drink Champagne -
14th OPI B63 Golden Rules -
15th OPI R57 catherine the grape -
16th OPI S96 Sweet heart -
17th OP-NLD24 See ya later, sailor! -
18th OPI S72 Romeo & Joliet -
19th OPI H21 No bees please -
20th OPI A49 Kangarooby 7th

~*~ Estella's Spree Top 3 OPI nail treatment orders ~*~
Rank OPI Code
1st OPINTT30 OPI Top coat
2nd OPINTT10 OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
3rd OPINTT60 OPI nail strengthener

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