09 August 2008

OPI spree #6 update

Happy National day!

today i had a flea market at ang mo kio below a HDB for the national day celebration. Well, i've ordered some OPI to sell over there and the response is very poor! hai! luckily i didnt buy too many. hee... partly, the crowd over there are mainly elderly auntie and uncle. So they dont know what's OPI. I'll stick faithfully to my spree next time. Anyway, its a good experience.

OPI spree #6 current status:

i've got about 60% of the slots filled ( including msPinkie's/frm my MSN who has abt 10 bottles). I wanna end this spree quickly and sure you gals feel the same right? Cant wait to try the new colors? hehe.. ME TOO!! I'm aiming for F14 !!

Anyway, lately i think Yahoo email is having some problems. Apparently the emails are either missing or received 2-3 days later from the date sent. I also received a feedback that when she replied to my email, it got bounced. (my mailbox is not full). recently i've similar problem when i reply to someone's email too and it got bounced. When i check, the email add was different from the sender's email although i click REPLY. the email address shld be the same! How did it got changed? I tried a few times and the add keep showing the bounced email addy.

Just in case that you've sent me an email regarding your order or any enquiries which are not answered. Please check your sent folder and make sure the email is correct OR send to (which is also my msn, feel free to add me) I usually reply emails within 24hrs and i do scan through the bulk mail folder emails as well. So if u dont hear from me within 24 hrs, resent to another email and perhaps you can leave a msg in my CBOX to let me know.

Ladies, would appreciate if you could spread the words around and get your friends or colleagues to join in the spree so we can hit the target faster. Keep the orders coming!


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