16 August 2008

OPI spree #6 status updates

Hi everyone,

i've just collected the nail polish this evening. Unfortunately there were some hiccups with the orders. =(
Apparently, some of the colors were out of stock despite the supplier confirmed with me that stocks were available. sigh.. this was really unexpected and i sincerely apologise to those who were affected. I've already sent u and email which are the colors out of stock. *stress*

Well, i've given 3 options for u to choose:
1. Hold on to the nail polish first and dont mind waiting for the OOS colors to arrive. The goods will arrive approximately next week.*

2. mail those available first and when the OOS colors arrived, den send them balance over. no additional postage cost. If the next batch they still dont have the colors, u might want to change to other color?

3. mail those available ones and refund the balance

* pls take note that i'll be travelling on 21-26aug. I can only receive the new nail polishes after i come back from my trip. will try to collect asap and dispatch within 24hrs upon receiving it.

As for those who are not affected, i'll be posting out the items later today (sat).

I'm really sorry ladies for the inconvenience caused for the delays. I hope this will not affect your spreeing experience with me. If you have any other suggestions or options, feel free to talk to me. i'm open to feedbacks. i'll try my best to accomodate your requests.

time to sleep now after busying with the orders. nite!~

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