14 August 2008

OPI spree #6 CLOSED

hi everyone!

Firstly i would like to thank everyone for joining my spree and cooperation as well as understanding. I 'll be collecting my orders from the supplier tomorrow (fri) night! However, there are some colors which the supplier does not have ready stocks and he has ordered from his main supplier in the US. The goods will only arrive next week. I hope i can pass them to you before i travel. Else, will have to wait till i return. I'm so sorry. Luckily, its just a small portion of the stocks unavailable. Majority of it were in stock. I've already informed those who were affected. As for the rest, good news for you. i will try to dispatch the nail polishes during the weekends. =)

For those who opted for meet up, pls kindly do so by 20aug (wed) as i will be traveling on 21st-26aug.

I will update you guys again! gd night~

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