04 August 2008

New OPI La Collection de France Collection

Thank you for everyone's support for OPI spree #5. It was another successful spree once again. If you are interested in ordering, fret not coz..OPI spree #6 is coming! hehe.. i'm addicted to OPI. Ladies, get your paper and pen ready to write down the colors you want to order~ I will need all of your support to expedite the spree. As i'm ordering from a local supplier, they do have ready stocks for most of the colors. So the waiting time will be much shorter compared to 8ty8beauty, Head2Toe or transdesign. IF in the case the color you ordered is out of stock, the supplier will try to order from his supplier in the US. The waiting time is about 1 week. Would really appreciate if you could spread the words around or gather your friends, GFs, colleagues to join force to hit the min 50 bottles.

OPI has come out with a new collection - OPI La Collection de France.

The French have a word for it - chic. A combination of style, elegance, and confidence, it is at the heart of fashion for FALL 2008. Filled with retro glamour, and touches of both uptown and down, the fall fashion runways featured simply beautiful clothing in a lush palette of color – complemented perfectly by the sophisticated, sensual shades of La Collection de France by OPI.

The effortless style for which French women are known – a juxtaposition of elegance and ease – is captured this fall in polished combinations of tweed and silk, chunky sweaters and delicate blouses, tailored pencil skirts and lingerie-inspired looks. Seasonless fabrics and layers signal a new fashion and climate, with an irresistible, intense selection of colors – saturated shades of purple-blue, peacock green, burgundy, ruby red, deep brown, and iconic black, accented with mustard yellow, burnt orange, and cobalt.

Exquisite nails continue to be an integral part of fashion. Nothing completes a look more beautifully than nails wearing the season’s most significant colors; changing a lacquer shade can change a woman’s entire look – and her outlook. While couture fashion may be reserved for the Paris salons, couture color for nails is accessible to every woman – and luxuriant color is what this season’s beauty is all about.

Nails wear rich earth and jewel tones – dark browns, chocolates, and caramels (We’ll Always Have Paris, I’m Fondue of Jacques!) warm terra cotta and cinnamon (Baguette Me Not), deep wines, purples, and aubergine (Eiffel for This Color, Louvre Me Louvre Me Not, Yes…I Can-Can!), glamorous reds and burgundy (A Oui Bit of Red, Bastile My Heart), creamy nudes (Tickle My France-y), and precious grey-violet (Parlez-vous OPI?). A shimmery or smoky eye, deep-colored lip, and subtle cheek round out of the look.

Couture color for a beautiful fashion season. Yours for the wearing – in La Collection de France by OPI.


F13 Louvre Me Louvre Me Not (C)
"Exhibit" your sense of style with this royal purple!
F14 Parlez-Vous OPI? (C)
This smoky violet speaks the language of fashion
F15 You Don't Know Jacques! (C)
If you don't know how trendy this taupe is!
F16 Tickle My France-y (C)
In this naughty shade of nude
F17 Bastille My Heart (C)
Make hearts race in this glimmer of rich burgundy
F18 I'm Fondue of You (C)
Dip into this luscious shade of milk chocolate
F19 A Oui Bit of Red (C)
Say "yes" to this brilliant red
F20 We'll Always Have Paris (C)
Rendezvous with this romantically rich coffee shade
F21 Eiffel for This Color (C)
You'll fall for this wine shimmer!
F22 Baguette Me Not (C)
You'll "loaf" this unforgettable swirl of cinnamon
F23 Crepes Suzi-ette (C)
Suzi loves this dessert shade of caramel
F24 Yes...I Can Can! (C)
Do a dance in this jeweled shade of eggplant

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  1. one of my favorite collections! love that you take time to show them off! definitely bookmarking you and becoming a fan! :)


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