28 August 2008

OPI Designer Series Fall 2008

Hi everyone!

i've just returned from my holiday and really enjoyed myself. hehe.. anyway, i'll be collecting the balance nail polish from the supplier this weekend. Just a littleee while more and you can get your new OPI real soon.

I'm still thinking if i should continue to order from the local supplier or try online stores like 8ty8beauty/head2toe ? Seems like there's always hiccups somewhere. Well, it's not easy to organise sprees especially if you have a day job as well. So far so good.. hehe.. thanks for all your support!

Anyway, spree #7 is coming soon! Probably will organise next week. Do keep a lookout and you can start to choose the colors first. hehe..

Check out the new 12 add-ons to OPI Designer Series Fall 2008 collection! (Unavailable for sale yet)

An extraordinary fusion of couture and technology, Designer Series by OPI is a line of Nail Lacquers so unique and exceptional, it is meant to be savored by only the most exclusive audience. Itsbreakthrough, state-of-the-art formula combines precious, dazzling diamond dust with pigments so saturated with color that they glow. As with a perfectly cut diamond, Designer Series by OPI reflects light in an explosion of brilliance.

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