12 June 2008

OPI spree #4 updates is having some maintainence so everyone is unable to access the website to check on the status or updates of my spree.

As for those who opted for postage, i've already posted out the items today around 2pm. You should be receiving them on sat or latest by monday. (since sunday is not a working day)

Well, spree #4 has completed smoothly except i overlooked jenn's top up sorry~~ Thank you for all your support and cooperation.

My reviews for

i'm not sure whether i should try other stores like transdesign/head2toe. seems like there will be a problem in my order. this round, 2 colors are missing and it happened to be mine! sigh... so disappointed coz i'm looking forward to try my new colors. *Sob*

For all my OPI #4 spree-ers :

i've given some samples of the Canaan Dead sea products to all of you. I hope you have tried and like it. If you would like to purchase the full size product, pls feel free to email me. =)

For those who've participated in my previous sprees or first timers or missed my sprees:

i'll be organising the next spree probably during end of june or early july. However, if you have lots to order or cant wait, you may email me as well so i can start the spree. hehe...

i'm going to sleep now. gotta work at 6.30am!!! arghhh... Cheers~~

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