20 April 2008

spree #2 pictures and reviews

i've been busy unpacking and sorting the OPI orders.
unfortunately one of the bottle broke. sorry, anthea.. quite a big mess.. coz the color that broke was Lincoln park at midnight D01 which is a very dark color. so the bottles around it were affected. sigh..i have to use the nail polish remover to wipe off the stains on the bottles. in the end, my nail color got stained too! haha.. i've to remove my nail color as well.. arghh.. its ok.. i'm going to remove it anyway so i can try my new colors i've brought! hee~~

Besides one broken bottle, there's one bottle missing as well! anyway have confronted tom and now i've 2 bottles on credit with him. i've to refund the spree-er too.. i guessed my order was too big? so ladies, im gonna minimized my spree to a maximum 50 bottles (approximately there)

Btw, i've already posted the nail polishes for those who opt for postage. As for those who opt for meet up, pls check your email and SMS.

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