28 April 2008

OPI - What is the difference? Shimmer, Frost, Creme, Sheer??

Lacquer Finish

Each colour is also classified as being one of the several finishes - Shimmer, Frost, Creme or Sheer.

Shimmer colours are extremely fashionable these days.Shimmers have a glitter running through them, at the end of the scale shimmers are those colours you can't describe because they are so changeable. You know it's a shimmer when from one angle you would swear the lacquer was one colour, but you look again and it's something completely different.

Frosts can be much harder to define. In light colours,frosts have a luminescent glow about them. They are one colour only - the glittery, sparkly nature of them is not like a shimmer, which may be a red with a faint gold glitter in it.

Creme are classic and appear more often in winter collections. An OPI creme makes your nails look a million dollars, the effect is so glossy and thick. You're nails look permanently wet. Cremes are a "flat"colour, in the best possible way.

Sheers are really most suited to neutrals and are typically found in colours intended for French manicures. As you would imagine from the name, sheer colours are more transparent by design.

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