09 April 2008

OPI Spree

Hi all,

just celebrated my 23rd birthday yesterday! Happy birthday to me! haha.. My #2 OPI spree response is overwhelming! weeee~~ Still have to wait till 1900hrs tomorrow to close the spree officially although i've met the maximum orders. However, i'm still waiting for some more orders from my colleagues so might as well leave the spree open and see if there's any last minute orders.

OPI spree #2 page

This time round i'm getting 4 bottles of OPIs for myself!

OPI W42Lincoln Park After DarkOPI A21 ARGENTEENY Pinkini

OPI DS Top coat OPI DS Base Coat

Here's some description about the OPI designer series:

Designer Series Top Coat
Extraordinary Designer Series Top Coat delivers unparalleled brilliance and luster, thanks to its unique diamond dust formulation. Developed to keep Lacquer colors true and to prevent yellowing, this is thepremier Top Coat for superb shine and wear.

Designer Series Base Coat
Quick-drying Designer Series Base Coat provides exceptional protection and improves the condition of natural nails, while creating the optimum surface for Lacquer adhesion and long wear. Developed with diamond dust for incomparable hardness, it is formulated to actually strengthen nails with continued use.

Well, after reading it makes me wanna give it a try and throw away my cheapo nail base&top coat! I think its really important to use a base coat before apply the color as it protects your nails and prevent them from yellowing (especially if you use dark colors!) Guess what? My nails still turned abit yellow despite using base coat from The Face Shop when i apply dark colors. Reason? Maybe it's cheapo? Gonna throw it soon so that i have space for my OPI.

It's really worth investing on better brands if you are crazy about nail polishes. In the past, i dont bother to buy branded nail polish coz i felt that its all the same. Why should i pay more? I can always stock up my colors at Bangkok Thailand where it only cost 100 baht(abt SGD$4.5) for 4 colors! After reading and hearing so much about OPI, i've decided to give it a try. Wow, i can really see and feel the difference. The quality is so much better, easier to apply.

Feel like trying?

OPI spree #2 page

Don't worry if the spree has ended. i'll be organizing OPI spree regularly. OPI spree #3 will be coming soon if you missed this. Keep a lookout!


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