15 April 2008

OPI spree #2 - updates

Hi everyone!

here's the status of the spree so far.

Good news, the item has left Tom's office today!!

the following items are out of stock:

  1. HL706 - Have you seen my limo? (Chloe $10)
  2. HL 705 - who are you wearing (chloe $10)
  3. DS 019 - DS Passion (chloe $15)
  4. B56 - Mod about you (bethia $10)
  5. A52 - Suzi loves sydney (genevieve $10)
I had email you regarding the refunds.

Well, there are some hiccups for this spree. Didn't go as smoothly as i thought. Here's what happened. Tom emailed me the invoice for the OPIs i've ordered. I went through the list and found some errors. Some of the items are missing (he had told me which colors are OOS beforehand) and some of the colors which i didn't order appeared and some of the quantities are wrong. Kinda scary initially... i quickly emailed Tom to rectify the error.

He sent me with a new invoice again. There are still some errors spotted despite alerting him which are the wrong ones. 3rd invoice short of 1 color. so i email him again and tell him to add and assume everything should be ok after added this missing color and told him to go ahead with the order coz i was gg to sleep. They are not working on sat. So sun i email Tom to check on the status as i did not receive the updated invoice. This morning i received the invoice but i can only check them in the evening as i cant check it at work.

I was shocked that i saw more errors and i checked my credit card transaction. The credit limited is already on hold but the payments are not deducted yet. I was very worried that the package has been shipped out. So i quickly sent an urgent email to Tom and notify him the errors again. Shortly, Tom actually called me and said that lucky the package has not been delivered but the courier guy will be coming in 30mins?! Phew!! So he update the invoice and i check immediately and gave him the green light to process the order.

Anyway, Tom advised me next time try not to organize a big spree. This time i had about 160 of items! I dont blame Tom for these mistakes. There are so many OPI colors and so many orders. It's not easy. At least i know he tried his best. Well, i also have to pray hard that the colors i received matched the invoice too! Anyway, the items are on its way to my house! Hopefully i can receive them by this week. hehe..

I'll update you guys on the status again!

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