21 February 2008

*CLOSED* OPI nail polish spree! till 27feb08!

Hi everyone!

i am conducting a spree for OPI nail polish. Will be ordering from

Please visit to select the colors and check the availability.

Limited to first 30 paid bottles only OR till 27feb08. (may increase if extra slots are available)

OPI Nail colors - SGD$10/bottle NETT

OPI Top coat/ Base Coat/ Nail strengthener - SGD$10/bottle NETT

OPI Designer Series - SGD$15/bottle NETT

**price includes shipping fee**

Terms & Conditions

I will only take in orders of those who pay up first before the spree closes as shown on my IB statement.

  1. Refunds will be done if items are out of stock
  2. feel free to email me directly at for any enquiries/questions
  3. i am not responsible for damage or wrong orders received or lost mails opt by normal postage.

Bank account: POSB SAVINGS 157-03577-0
(no inter-bank transfer. For UOB account, please email me)

Method of collection: Normal/Registered/Meetup/Self-collection

Strictly postage (normal/registered) from my house to yours for 2 items and below

*No meet up for items less than 3 bottles per person.

Normal postage rate (will be sent in Singpost postpac envelope):

  1. 1 bottle: $1.90
  2. 2-3 bottles: $2.10
  3. 4-7 bottles: $3.10
  4. For registered, please top up extra $2.20
What you will have to do:

a. place your orders at (Online spree)

*the reason I choose this site is to protect your privacy as all the private information can only be seen by you and me. Unlike other sprees, your bank a/c number can be seen by public.

b. Place order in following format:

Email Address:

Mode of collection: (normal/registered) / meet up/ self collection
Mailing Address: (if opt for mailing)
Mobile number: (if meet up/self collect)
Transfer via: ATM /IB(nick)
Reference No:

Name of product:
Total Price:


Name of product: I’m Indi-A-mood for love
Code: OPI I41

Quantity: 01

Total Price: $10

Name of product: Shimmer
Code: OPI DS001
Quantity: 01
Total Price: $15

Total number of bottles = 2

Amount Payable = Total in SGD + $2.10 (normal postage)

Example: $25 + $2.10 = $27.10

Happy Shopping for your favourite colors!

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