19 February 2008

Happy Women TV Video Podcasts

Hi everyone!

It's been long since i last update my blog. Today i'm going to share with you some of the video podcast from Happy Women - Toe-riffic. 

Each episode presents a unique design with step-by-step instructions.

Enjoy the video and Happy learning!

9:00 min

Grapes Design
Grapes Design episode shows how easy it is to create elaborate toenail artwork by simply grouping a number of dots together. Fruits inspired foot care tips will make your feet healthy and beautiful.

Click here to watch this episode

6:56 min

Flower Design with French Tip
In this episode we present a beautiful flower nail design with rhinestones and glitter. You will learn about different ways of creating French tip. This design will make you feel like walking in the summer field all year round

Click here to watch this episode

10:00 min

Pearls and Lace Design
In this episode we are featuring soft and feminine design with lace pattern and pearl decorations. Creamy, white and sheer polish colors with pearly beads make this design above beautiful.

Click here to watch this episode

8:59 min

Ruby Heart Design
In this episode we present step-by-step instructions for creating ruby heart design by painting the toenails soft white color, drawing a heart shape and placing a ruby gem in the middle. Pink French tip and strawberry toe ring complete the look.

Click here to watch this episode

5:51 min

Peppermint Candy Design
Peppermint candy episode introduces a creative alternative to the plain red pedicure. This easy to master design will become your favorite style for the season. Sugar is great not just for inspiration. Sugar based scrub will make your feet baby soft.

Click here to watch this episode

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